WORCESTER, MASS.
The P. Blaisdell Co. was founded in 1865 by Parritt
Blaisdell who built a shop on Jackson Street in Worcester
Mass.  The company manufactured machinists tools and
lathes with a staff of four or five men. The castings for
this lathe were probably supplied by the firm of A. Kabley
& Co. which was owned by F. E. Reed, Allonzo
Whitcomb, and and A. Kabley.  Mr. Blaisdell died in 1874.
In 1905 the company was merged with the Whitcomb
Co. and became the Whitcomb-Blaisdell Machine tool Co.
This lathe, as well as machines made by the L. Robbins
Co., The F.E. Reed Co. and the G.L. Fairbanks Co. all
show a common heritage in design and manufacture. I
can only conclude that since the F.E. Reed Co, in
comparison to the others was enormous and owned a
foundry  that,  this company sold raw cast parts to the
other companies. These lathes were probably the most
sophisticated and elegant of any lathes made at that time.
Turning chair parts on the P. Blaisdell lathe. The
bronze bearings must be oiled often. The lathe is run
off a leather belt which is powered by a variable speed
DC motor.
Here is a close-up view of the bed of a lathe made by G.L.
Fairbanks in the 1880's. The bed is almost identical to the Blaisdell