20"  LATHE
The American Saw Mill Machinery Co. was founded in 1903 and made a complete line of woodworking
machines as well as saw mills.  The company remained in business until the 1960's. This lathe is in pristine
condition and came with all the accessories available. I have seen a 1910 catalog with this lathe listed. It sold for
$100. In 1910.
I have set this lathe upon poplar beds which are mounted to cast iron legs from a South Bend lathe. The lathe is
powered by a variable speed DC motor.
Mounted on the lathe is a truly
wonderful spindle steady rest made
Oneway Manufacturing.  This
steady is the smoothest and
strongest that I have ever used. The
turning on the lathe is a back leg for
a Hudson River Valley Chair.
Without the steady rest, a turning
this long, would be very difficult.